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Want information about one of my fan fiction stories? Well, you've come to the right place. I'll be slowly adding pages as my time allows. Please note that it is pretty much a guarantee that the information displayed in the Character Profiles that will be posted on this site will contain spoilers if you aren't up to date reading the latest chapters.

Moving Notice: The wiki is in the process of moving. Visit the new one here.

Multi-Chapter Fan Fiction Stories

1: A Windsor at Hogwarts (Harry Potter/British Royal Family crossover fanfic)

2: Breaking the Cycle (Power Rangers fanfic)

3: Knights of the Founders (Harry Potter fanfic)

4: Brotherly Love (Smallville fanfic)

5: The Unexpected Love Universe (Harry Potter/Merlin crossover fanfic; This includes The Journey Begins and Along the Journey)

6: The Q Effect (Star Trek/Mass Effect crossover fanfic)

7: The Battle of the Billionaires (Smallville/Harry Potter crossover fanfic)